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Dry Roasted Hazelnut Butter 13 oz.

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Close your eyes…

Imagine the creamiest vanilla ice cream alluring your senses with its light silky aroma. (Are your eyes closed? Is your mouth watering yet? Good!) Now imagine the smooth, rich flavor of hazelnut butter trickling ever so perfectly onto that sparkling mountain of white. The anticipation is overpowering. The spoon feels like miles from your mouth. You can’t stand it any longer. You dive in supercharged (you feel like a football linebacker) and then then… Ahh! You have just experienced heaven in your mouth.

This is one of our favorite treats at Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards and wanted to share the experience with you. Enjoy!


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This is the best thing ever! I get this instead of the grocery store PB with all their added fillers & garbage. This is all natural, just hazelnuts. My 3 yr old son loves it on toast, more than the store bought, sugar-added PB :) thank you! Also, delicious dipped with apples.
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